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WeChat is a Chinese multi-purpose messaging, social media and mobile payment app developed by Tencent. First released in 2011, it became the world's largest standalone mobile app in 2018, with over 1 billion monthly active users. WeChat has been described as China's "app for everything" and a "super app" because of its wide range of functions.

WeChat has terrible customer service and your account can be blocked for no reason, Kamye Briggeman shared her review on appgrooves.com

"This app is ridiculous! I logged in once & then was locked out for reasons such as harassment, malicious marketing, and/or fraud. I had not even reached out to any of my friends yet nor did I say or post anything! I sent an email to the company & I still have not received any response! This app is awful!! The only reason it got one star from me, is because it would not let me leave them blank!! DO NOT DOWNLOAD!"


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NIL says

"Horrible app with terrible customer service. Account was suspended due to inactivity and the procedure to unblock requires your friend to help you. But I did not add any friends into my WeChat list so it is impossible to unlock it. Wrote SEVERAL emails but no response. ZZZ. "

Ilse says

"Such an annoying app. Impossible to access when you have not logged in for a while. Especially if you aren\'t Chinese and don\'t know anyone that can help you access this app. Furthermore, pop-ups are often in Chinese and unhelpful. Just stick to whatsapp if you can. "

Wcuser says

"This app suks, the worst, it blocks you for no reason, everytime I change my phone, it blocks me, everytime I add someone, it says my behaviour is suspicious and give me a warning. Just remember your username and password is not enough apparently, you need 3 friends to simultaneously send you a code within a few minutes to unblock your account! Wtf, who does that? Even worse, this blacklisting and deleting friends crap, social decency is none existent in this app "

Slothopher says

"It\'s crap even for a Chinese like myself. It binds to my mobile phone number, stuffs gigabytes of rubbish in my mobile storage and never cleans them up, makes my phone run slow as a turtle, and worst of all, it watches me! (I can say that for most Chinese apps)"

Wechat cnmb says

"After reading all the reviews i realised im not the only one facing similar issues. WILL NOT RECOMMEND DOWNLOADING THIS TRASH APP. If there is a negative 5 star, i will not hesitate to put that."

Rachel Paton says

"My account was permanently blocked before I had even had a chance to use it, citing "unusual account activity" I have tried to get it unblocked with no real help. Customer service is almost non-existent. If you have a choice, don't use them. They REALLY SUCK."

Mark McVean says

"After using weixin for 8 years when I lived in China. I cannot say how impossible and inadequate it is to re log or in recover account.. I have to have friends scan QR code submit bank deets and passport numbers just for a new user to join. such a violation of privacy and they harvest your data.. horrible AVOID!"

Africanb Dee says

"It's fake fake fake I will never pays for this scammer"

iunyy Iuliana says

"The worst app ever...and the most ridiculous sign up process...! I had an account for one day last year, and I got blocked for no reason at all after day one..!! I tried to create a new account now and I can't....! I sent an email to their customer service, and nobody got back to me...!!!! So annoying!!!!!"

Naveen Talalla says

"The most ridiculous app. Can’t even retrieve forgotten password and can’t reset. I have not even started using it and it is a nerve wracking."

WeChatFail says

"Worst registration process i have ever experienced. We wanted to setup an account before our trip to China. Some people claimed this app is a must have app for china. Let me tell you: this app is a waste of time, and nothing else. We could do everything we wanted in china without this app. Instead of benefiting from this app, we've failed 3 times including support of multiple people and even with a chinese mobile phone number (requires passport registration). You are much better off installing a VPN, using your regular chat tools such as WhatsApp, Facebook and Google, and using those instead of wasting your and your friends time with this crappy app."

Charles says

"The worst App imaginable!

I signed up one day, because I am going to China, but the next day I couldn't log in; it said my login was fraudulent!

I tried the 'phone a friend' recovery option and eventually it told me he too had been suspended, during the last year - it seems he had the same random login problem.

Not fit for purpose. It's a joke!"

Roel says

"We used the app for our communication with our business partners in China.
We were pleased with the functionality of the app. But after 6 months or so, our account got blocked out of the blue with no further explanation.
Unblocking the account proved to be impossible after many frustrating attempts.

After contacting Wechat the only thing they give you is a standard reply referring to the same useless 'unblocking procedure' that won't get you any further in solving the problem.

WeChat clearly doesn't give a cr*p whether their users are able to use their app or not."

El Cee says

"In China what they do is block everything the rest of the world uses and make their own people use a version that the Government can control. Wechat from Tencent is one such way. They block Whatsapp and everyone then uses Wechat, which is a bit of a rip off of Whatsapp.

To use Wechat, you need a phone number which is linked to your passport, which is linked to where you live or where you are staying in China. Is that cool? I do not think so.

Furthermore the Chinese obsession with this app is so much that if you are employed in China you are expected to use it as a means of communication at the workplace and lots of people even use it to do business on. Their is an obsession with wechat groups as well.

The app has one or two handy-ish features however. Money can be stored to pay for things (notoriously difficult to set up if not Chinese) and larger files can be transferred if using the PC version, which is why a lot of companies in China like to use it.

Personally I cannot stand Wechat."